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With our special embossing alphabets (typesets) we offer embossing independence.
With a type set you are independent and there are no costs for tools and no delivery times for each customer order.
We manufacture embossing alphabets in brass or steel
for hot embossing with foil
for blind embossing
for stamping in metal
in flat or concave design
lettering designs in foreign languages are possible
matching company logos or special stamping dies to go with type sets.

Our program also contains one- or multiple-line type holder for all common stamping presses.

If you are interested, please download our type set catalog.

steel embossing types

Steel types

Large type holder (special model) with large steel types in 10 mm lettering height

Brass embossing types

Brass types

Brass embossing types, deeper engraved for leather embossing, with type holder

type holder 3-line

Type holder

Type holder (standard model 3-line) with spacers and hot embossing steel types with 3 mm lettering

Scecial type holder

Special holder

Special model of type holder for embossing on a segment of a circle with steel types in 1 mm lettering height

Profiled type holder

Profiled holder

Special model of a profiled type holder and brass types for leather embossing

Hoer Graviertechnik

Special Offer – Type Set

We have one hot embossing alphabet with special price in stock !

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